Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Swamp and other sights

It started to warm up a bit later in the week, so we decided to take the kids on a swamp tour. It was really warm that morning so I dressed Lily in a cute little sundress. She seemed to "get" that in New Orleans, you wear beads. Lily put on a strand of beads every time she left the hotel room.
Sadly, when you get in a boat on the river and cruise along looking for 'gators at a good clip, it's not all that warm! But actually, Lily didn't really seem to mind the cold.

My camera battery went dead just as we pulled up to an alligator--doesn't it figure? Even the boys were saying..."Mommy, get a picture...take a picture." All I managed to get were a few generic swamp pictures.

Mud bugs...

Sammy picked some flowers for Lily and I somewhere along the way. She hung onto hers all day--literally--all day. I stuffed mine in the stroller and got busted later in the day for having lost them!

This picture was taken on a previous day, but I love the fact that Joey is jumping up to get into my viewfinder.

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