Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Day three...A Belated Mardi Gras Celebration!

Since we don't have cable, the kids love going to a hotel where they can watch cartoons they hear about, but never get to see. Allowing the kids to watch cable in the morning gives Rob and I a few extra calm moments to pull ourselves and our day together.

Lily isn't really interested in t.v., but she found Dora quite fascinating!

After our quiet morning, we headed to the N.O. Aquarium and then walked to Mardi Gras World. Mardi Gras World was undoubtedly one of our favorite sights of N.O. We got to see floats from this years Mardi Gras parade (and a few from previous years too). The kids loved it--they made sure they were first in line around every corner!

While waiting for the street car for our return trip to the French Quarter, I snapped this shot of Sammy looking for some cuddle time with Daddy. Little did I know that Joey found a way to sneak into the photo! Sammy, by the way, is holding his new stuffed otter from the Aquarium. He affectionately calls him "Bowling Ball." No, I don't get it either.

Later that day, we had some fun in the pool back at the hotel...

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