Saturday, March 20, 2010

Annie Video

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Really bad picture, but the audio is great!


We are so proud of Joey! He played an orphan in his school musical production of Annie and did a fabulous job! Unfortunately, my photos and videos aren't very good, but I was enjoying the show!

Joey as orphan

joey hard knock

(Joey is on the far right.)

joey in show

(Again, Joey is on the far right.)

Congratulations Joey!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Catching up...

It's been weeks since I've posted anything. I took this wonderful photography class and when it finished, I stopped taking photos. Not sure what that's all about....

While I haven't posted about it, I have kept up with with my project schedule. I finished Sam's Christmas stocking and then took two Panamanian molas given to me by my aunt when my uncle died last year to a frame store to be framed.

Now that I have finished several of my quick projects I find myself almost forced to take on a larger task. It's time to haul out the sewing machine and start working on some curtains. I've had blue denim material for my boys' room for years--never finished those curtains in the last house either. This time, I'm determined to finish these curtains within the next two weeks. Maybe they will sleep later than 6 a.m. if I can close some curtains on their windows?