Sunday, December 28, 2008

A few of my favorite Christmas moments...

Delivering Christmas goodies to neighbors and friends.

All the grandkids!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Our downtown tradition...

Yesterday, we took an early evening trip downtown to make our annual trek to Macy's to see the lights, the windows, the trees and Santa. It was LATE, but surprisingly, we didn't have any meltdowns (until we got home that is).

First, we went to see the Jolly Man. Joey even made a friend in the 1 1/2 hour long line.

This was, by far, the BEST Santa we've ever seen. Nonetheless, Lily wanted NOTHING to do with him.

He quizzed the kids..."Are you brushing your teeth?" (An easy one to start with.) "Well of course we are!

"Are you picking up your toys?" (That's a bit trickier.) "Most of the time."

"Are you eating your vegetables?" (Sam's totally busted and of course, Joey's the one who calls him on it in front of Santa himself!) "I eat my vegetables, but Sam's a picky eater!"

So of course, the question to follow...

"Are you getting along with each other? You don't tattle on each other do you?" (Both kids remain silent.)

Then, we went to have dinner in the Walnut Room. Sammy pouted, because 1. it was late and 2 we didn't get to sit by the big tree. Rob confessed he felt the same way.

It was still a beautifully decorated setting for a holiday meal.

A fairy visited our table. Sam was completly into making a wish and getting "stars" blown into his hair.

Joey wasn't having anything to do with the fairy. (I think the fairy should have curled her hair and put on a wee bit of makeup. She wasn't looking very "fairyish.")

After dinner, we went outside to look at the windows.

A lovely ending to a lovely evening!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday Sammy!

Today you turn five Sammy! Here are five things we want to remember about Sammy in this, your 5th year!

  1. This year, trucks gave way to Super Hero, Transformer and Power Ranger action figures. (What IS the difference between them all, I ask?) Karate action and "saving the world" seem to appeal to you more than rocks and shovels. However, when it came right down to it, you chose the construction site cake over the Power Ranger cake!

2. Daddy coached your soccer team this year. This is the first year you played an organized sport. I use the word play lightly here because mostly, you just followed the kids up and down the field. Sometimes, you pretended that you were flying, and one time, when Daddy finally asked you to throw the ball in to play, you couldn't because you had been carrying a tiny dinosaur in your hand as you ran up and down the field.

3. You are at a new preschool where you are quite a ladies man. Your favorite friends are Charlotte and Charlotte. You wish for your birthday party was to sit between the Charlottes while enjoying your truck cake! (Below, Sammy with the Charlottes)

4. You are a great big brother to Lily!

5. You still love to snuggle at bed time, sit on laps for movies and get hugs and kisses from Mommy and Daddy!

We Love You Sammy!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Where's the Elf today?

To tell him or not...that is the question. Do we tell our 8 year old Joey the truth about Santa? We were all set to tell him this year (if he asked, that is). And, since he had started inquiring a bit, we were sure this would be the year.

But we succumbed to the appeal of the "Elf on the Shelf" tradition. An impish little elf (actually a plastic and felt doll that does not, in any way, shape or form, appear to be real), sits on a shelf (or in a plant) somewhere in the house and watches your children so that he can report on their behavior to the big boss, the fat man, Santa. The elf changes his location every night after he returns from reporting to Santa (except when mommy and daddy forget to change his location).

I thought for sure the whole elf on the shelf thing would tip Joey off. I mean, really. Come on.

Much to our surprise, the elf has strengthened Joey's belief in the jolly old elf himself. How do I know? He simply asked me..."Mom, did you move Stanley (our elf's name) last night?" I replied, "no Joey, I didn't." I wasn't lying...I didn't do it. Rob did.

So Joey's response was a hearty "I knew it. I knew it was all real! The elf, Santa. It's Christmas magic! Really it is." So now, I don't have the heart to tell him the truth. He's only 8. what's wrong with just one more year...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's time for a new post

Since my last post caused such a stir within my family, I thought it was time to post something new! (I'm tired of talking about my houligan days.)
I didn't take many photos at Thanksgiving, which is a shame because I think Lily wore one of my favorite dresses yet. However, the few I took are cute.

Joey made a cute little apple turkey with marshmallows, cheerios and other candy. He wnated me to take a picture so he could quckly eat it!

Lily blossomed this holiday and enjoyed being held by and sitting with her aunts and uncles, grandma and grandpa and her cousins

Lily and Jack

Lily and Jenna

Joey enjoying his pie, apparently.

We're looking forward to Christmas!