Saturday, December 20, 2008

Our downtown tradition...

Yesterday, we took an early evening trip downtown to make our annual trek to Macy's to see the lights, the windows, the trees and Santa. It was LATE, but surprisingly, we didn't have any meltdowns (until we got home that is).

First, we went to see the Jolly Man. Joey even made a friend in the 1 1/2 hour long line.

This was, by far, the BEST Santa we've ever seen. Nonetheless, Lily wanted NOTHING to do with him.

He quizzed the kids..."Are you brushing your teeth?" (An easy one to start with.) "Well of course we are!

"Are you picking up your toys?" (That's a bit trickier.) "Most of the time."

"Are you eating your vegetables?" (Sam's totally busted and of course, Joey's the one who calls him on it in front of Santa himself!) "I eat my vegetables, but Sam's a picky eater!"

So of course, the question to follow...

"Are you getting along with each other? You don't tattle on each other do you?" (Both kids remain silent.)

Then, we went to have dinner in the Walnut Room. Sammy pouted, because 1. it was late and 2 we didn't get to sit by the big tree. Rob confessed he felt the same way.

It was still a beautifully decorated setting for a holiday meal.

A fairy visited our table. Sam was completly into making a wish and getting "stars" blown into his hair.

Joey wasn't having anything to do with the fairy. (I think the fairy should have curled her hair and put on a wee bit of makeup. She wasn't looking very "fairyish.")

After dinner, we went outside to look at the windows.

A lovely ending to a lovely evening!


Laura said...

Great pictures--can't wait to see you guys tomorrow!

The Jops Family said...

That was a great post!