Monday, April 6, 2009

The French Quarter

When we decided to take our spring break trip to New Orleans, lots of people wondered why we would take 3 little kids to a place that is so well known for it's adult activities! I did lots of research before making our hotel reservations, and finally decided that there were enough kid-centered activities to keep us busy for at least a few days!

We stayed in the French Quarter at the lovely, old, traditional Hotel Monteleone. This place has old world charm written all over it.

We immediately took a walking tour around the French Quarter to stretch our legs after so many hours sitting in the car. We ended up at the fountain at Jackson Square and eventually, the Cafe DuMonde for an afternoon break of cafe au lait and bengeits.

Fried dough is always a kid-centered activity--especially when you look like a snowman after eating it!

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Rachel said...

I think its neat that you went somewhere different for spring break. I'm sure you're in better weather and there is so much for the kids to see and learn there.

The beignets look yummy!

Have a great trip.