Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Blaine Kern, the same guy behind Mardi Gras World, created a storybook park for children. It was quiet, fun and really, really cute. The kids said this was one of their favorite memories of New Orleans...right up there with Mardi Gras World.

And what little boy wouldn't LOVE an old, out-of-use fire truck dropped smack in the middle of the park just for little ones to climb all over?

I'm not sure why Lily loved this slide because she always came flying down FLAT on her back!

But Daddy sure did like the slides!

Since I knew that Bourbon Street had become even a bit seedier since Katrina (lots of strip joints), Rob and I made a conscious decision to stay away from it as much as possible. But on this particular night, we decided to head to a restaurant on one end of the strip (no pun intended). Upon leaving the restaurant, well-dressed, business-like adults across the street were tossing beads to passersby below. No surprise that Joey, with his 8 years of Fourth of July parade experience now, managed to scoop up about 30 strands of beads. He was in his element and I was too busy watching to take any photos!

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Rachel said...

Looks liek you had a great vacation! I love Joey with all the beads. Wait till he finds out what women do to get them when he's older! ;)