Tuesday, February 8, 2011

39/365 Gray


Today, I'm participating in Project 64 (a 64 week journey through a box of crayons!). I missed the first 4 colors, but I hope to play along for the rest of the box. This week's color is gray.

Thanks to a perfect birthday gift from my mom and dad, this year, I discovered felted wool mittens lined with fleece.

These are my son Sam's mittens.

I love felted wool mittens.

I heart them.

I can not stop talking about them to my friends.

I love them so much that after wearing them for the first few weeks of winter, I purchased two pairs for my daughter and a pair for my son. They keep your hands remarkably warm and toasty.

You can find your own felted wool, fleece-lined mittens on Etsy.

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Lori said...

These look layers and layers warm. :)
Love the gray.

Anonymous said...

Great shot. Well, you convinced me! Thanks for joining us at Project 64

Kendall said...

They look warm and cozy! Glad you are on board with our fun crayon journey!

Ang said...

I just started participating too-I'm loving it! And, I so want a pair of those mittens!

Cat said...

it's such a fun project, I'm really enjoying it. Cute cozy mittens!

Brooke said...

they look so warm and cozy! We are glad to have you at project64, thank you for joining our colorful journey!

We are having a catch-up day for everyone, check out the announcments at the top of our blog!