Friday, February 11, 2011

42/365 Glasses

I bought this cheap pair of reading glasses for myself at the dollar store the other day. When we got home, Lily kept putting them on and I kept asking her to take them off--she absolutely loved them and I was absolutely sure the "prescription" would ruin her eyesight for life!

I finally gave up the fight, popped out the lenses (not difficult when the glasses only cost a dollar to begin with) and let her claim them as her own. She has been wearing these glasses non-stop since then. I giggle every time I look at her!

Now I still need to buy another pair of "old lady" reading glasses for me!

Lily glasses

1 comment:

the meaklims said...

She is so adorable.
I like this a lot, what a great inexpensive idea! And Lilah loves glasses too! :)