Monday, January 3, 2011


I started to take ornaments off of our tree today and I found this guy hanging on one of the branches:

Costa Rican orn

A few weeks ago, we all visited my good friend Laura at her apartment (the kids think apartments are REALLY cool). We decorated her tree and baked cookies. I commented on this ornament because he is a little Costa Rican dude (a "Tico") and Laura and I served together in Peace Corps Costa Rica--20 years ago! This little ornament brought back many memories of Costa Rica, coffee season, and a simpler, more spiritual Christmas.

I don't know when she snuck this little guy onto our tree, but what a fun surprise to find him hanging there today as I start the process of taking down the tree! Thanks Laura!

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Laura K said...

You mean didn't hear "tsss...Machita" coming from the tree?