Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer Road Trip - Day 9

Tybee Island, GA

We were all a bit jellyfish weary when we woke up on our final full day on Tybee Island, so we thought we would skip the beach in the morning and visit some of Tybee Island's other sights.

We headed down to the Pier and Pavilion, the south beach and the souveneir stores!

D9 South Beach

D9 sno ball sign


(I don't think we ever decided if Sam liked the snoball or not!)

But we came here to spend time at the beach, so it was back to the beach for us in the late afternoon. It was cooler, there were no jellyfish and rather than following the tide as it went out, we were able to watch it as it came in. The boys made sand castles and tried desperately to save them from the encroaching water.

D9 Sam in sand2

D9 Joey in waves

D9 Joey and dad boogie

D9 Rob

And Lily found that this big, big ocean wasn't so scary after all!

Lily collage

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Colin and Jill Canada said...

Oh my, your got some sweet shots on vacation. And look how happy Lily looks. She makes me grin!