Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer Road Trip - Day 6

En route to Tybee Island, Georgia

So we were having a great time on this little road trip of ours--visiting family, playing outdoors, seeing new things--and then it was








The kids were great on the way to Winston Salem. In fact, one Lego sticker book for each boy kept them virtually fight free and happy for 11 hours in the car. But when it was time to get back in the car for 6 more hours of driving after saying goodbye to cousins we love and miss and only get to see once a year...the kids just couldn't hold on any longer.

There were tears--lots of tears. There was whining--lots of whining. There were squabbles--lots of squabbles. And yet, despite 5 days of super late bed-times and pretty normal wake times, there was NO SLEEP IN THE CAR.

But we made it. We arrived on beautiful Tybee Island early in the evening. The kids were hungry, which only added to the "magic" of the evening!

D6 Tybee Island

First, we checked out our lovely little cottage just blocks away from the ocean. It was adorable!

It was our 13th wedding anniversary, so we thought we'd go to a seafood restaurant on the island that I had read about ahead of time. This was our final mistake of the evening. What do you get when you put a plate full of fresh crustaceans in front of 3 tired little kids who are sad to leave their cousins behind? Tears. Lots of tears. Tears from the 10 year old, tears from the 6 year old, tears from the 3 year old and finally, tears from the mommy who wishes we had stayed at the cute cottage and ordered a pizza.

D6 Crab Shack

I thought the live gators in the pen outside the restaurant would lighten things up a bit.

'Gators don't really lighten up any city dweller's mood, I think.

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Laura K said...

Yay--finally a photo with YOU in it! And no, gators don't lighten the mood of city dwellers--especially since we've had two in the Chicago river in the past month