Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Our MLK Tradition

Every year on Martin Luther King Day, we go bowling as a family. I would love to do some service oriented family project on this day, but the kids start looking forward to this annual outing as soon as Christmas is over. Maybe we should go bowling more often.

I'm taking a photography class and our assignment this week is to capture something that is moving (without any blur). I thought our bowling outing would be a good opportunity to snap some shots for this assignment.

I wasn't very successful with the "no blur" part of the assignment, but it was still fun to snap a few photos of my kids in motion!

Sam "helping" Lily--he was very sweet as he walked her through the process of pushing the ball down the alley, but he actually ended up doing all the work for her.

lily and sam

Sam's bowling style was a bit frightening...he would drop the ball from about 2 feet up and about 2 feet behind the lane.

Sams ball drop

Miraculously, the ball always got to the end and knocked a few pins down!

Sam jump for joy

Joey was the winner of the first game with a score of 120--way to go Joey! (A far cry from two years ago when Rob scored in the 200s!)

Joey with ball

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