Friday, January 1, 2010


I don't always make New Year's resolutions. Some years I do. Some years I don't.

But I always make New Years lists--lots and lots of lists.

I make lists of things to do in the New Year: lists of things to organize, lists of things to get rid of, lists of places to visit, lists of projects to work on--you get the picture.

This year, I intend to tackle one of those lists.

Every two weeks (give or take a week) for the next 52 weeks (give or take a week), I intend to choose and complete a project on my list.

Most of these projects are house related. Some are not.

There are 27 projects on my list--just enough to tackle one every two weeks (give or take a week).

First up...remove the rest of the wallpaper in our downstairs bathroom.

Bath 1

I started removing the paper almost a year ago, but got stuck when I could no longer reach high enough using our step stool.

I have more plans for this bathroom, like replacing the black toilet and sink, but for now, the wallpaper needs to go.

Bath 1

Wish me luck.

How long do I think this little project of mine will last?

About one week.

That's why I don't make New Years resolutions.

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Shonah said...

If you change your black sink and toilet you are going to probably add some more projects to your list:) I like the black- it is very retro, in a good way I think. Getting that paper down and a great color on the ways will make a huge difference. You are a great color picker so I have confidence you will pick a winner.