Wednesday, March 2, 2011

61/365 Dr. Suess


Today is the birthday of Dr. Suess.

In this house, we LOVE Dr. Suess. We read a LOT of Dr. Suess books.

When I discovered that behind all the rhyming and silly words, many of his stories (usually the larger-sized books) contain lessons in social justice and personal growth, I started collecting them for my kids. Every Christmas, I buy a new book to add to our collection.

Most people know that "The Lorax" is a book about protecting the environment (Dr. Suess was SO ahead of his time!). And many students receive the book "Oh The Places You'll Go" at graduation time. We all know the story of the Grinch. And, of course, "Horton Hears a Who"teaches us that EVERY being matters.

But did you know that "Yertle the Turtle" is a story about freedom and dictatorship?

"Solla Sollew" helps us understand why it is important to love what you have and not always look for a a trouble-free life somewhere else.

And finally, "Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?" well, the title sort of sums that one up.

Just tell yourself, Duckie,
you're really quite lucky!
Some people are much more...
oh ever so much more...
oh, muchly much-much more
unlucky than you!

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