Friday, July 9, 2010

Show Your Teeth

A few weeks ago, we celebrated our beautiful niece Mila's first birthday.

mila pool

The party was held in the garden area of a coffee shop. It was a cool setting, but I was a bit nervous that the boys would knock someone (or something) over with their birthday party enthusiasm.

To keep them calm, I handed them my camera and told them to take pictures. I was pleasantly surprised by the photos they took! In fact, the photos of Mila and the garden above were shot by my 9 year old son, Joey. As I look at that photo, I realize I haven't been taking better photos with my new's the camera that takes good photos!

Sammy (6), chose to take photos of people. He would tell them to "show their teeth."

Sam's faces

Joey, on the other hand, chose to take photos of objects. I loved his geometric choices and his framing!

Joey's photos

My absolute favorite photo of the day was taken by Joey. I loved it so much, I started to play with it in my editing program. I converted it to black and white but can't find the original.

watering cans bw jo

Happy Birthday Mila!

mila 2

Mika and Mila

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Colin and Jill Canada said...

The birthday girls eyes...they are simply stunning!

Fun times!