Thursday, July 22, 2010

Double Digits


Several weeks ago, Joey turned 10. Double digits. It seems as if time has passed so slowly and yet so quickly at the same time.

A little bit about Joey:

Joey does everything fast. He moves fast. He eats fast. He thinks fast. I told Joey the story of his birth the other day. "Joey," I said, "you came into this world the same way you do everything else--lightning fast." There were no labor pains with Joey, just an urge to push and 30 minutes later, there he was. (Don't hate me, 10.5 pound Sam came 3 years later.)

Joey loves his stuffed animals and sleeps with them every night. They surround his head. Sometimes he wakes up with a stiff neck from sleeping on one of them.

Joey is an excellent student. He loves school. I mean seriously--he loves school and can barely wait for it to start again.

He's also an excellent athlete. Seriously, we're not sure where he gets that from. It's not from Rob and it certainly isn't from me. Joey plays basketball, soccer, tennis, baseball and he swims. He is in his element when he is pitching a tight game. Tennis is becoming his new favorite sport.

Joey is fiercely competitive. We're sort of hoping that will wane a bit as he gets older, but if it doesn't, we hope it will serve him well.

He is the Energizer Bunny in flesh and blood. As his tennis coach said "the beautiful thing about Joey is that he has the same energy at 9:30 a.m. as he has at 11:30 a.m. after playing 2 hours of tennis." When I added (with a negative tone in my voice) that he has that same level of energy at 5:30 p.m., his coach couldn't understand why that would be a bad thing.

With all that athleticism, he still loves music. He's in choir at school and has been waiting for 5th grade so that he can participate in band.

Joey loves, loves, loves visiting family. It is very difficult for him to say goodbye when a visit is over.

In honor of Joey's 10th birthday, I'd like to share a few of the poems he wrote during his 4th grade poetry unit.

"Baseball" a haiku

Pitch a speedy ball
When you hit it run so fast
Just do not get out


Red, yellow, black, blue
None of them have a curfew
Chirping, flying without any sigh
Can you guess? Who am I?

Building nests in a tree
Way bigger than a bee
Twigs, sticks, mud and more
Birds chirping beautifully galore.

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Colin and Jill Canada said...

Good gracious, I am exhausted reading about his energy levels! :)

He sounds like a really amazing son with the perfect amount of emotions and some extra wonderful talents that will serve him well in life. That poem about the birds is so sweet too!

I just know from reading this post that he is the light of your life.

Happy 10th birthday Joey. I'm not sure how you get near that bed with all those fluffy animals! ;)