Saturday, February 27, 2010

Olympic Fever!

WE have Olympic Fever in our house!

Actually, for years I have wanted the boys to learn how to ski downhill. So, during our recent 5 day school holiday, we headed to a local ski hill to do just that.

Rob and I took bets about how the boys would feel about skiing after their first lesson. We both guessed they would NEVER want to go again. And, since the "ski walk" over to the kids' lesson area was comical (for me, not so much the boys) and nearly impossible, I wasn't even sure they would show up for the first lesson. Let's just say we should have carried the skis to the lesson area, but I have some stubborn, determined kids!

Sammy looking not so sure about this...

Sam not so sure

Joey feeling the same...

Joey first ski

Lily waiting for her brothers on the sled...

lily on sled

An awful, over-exposed photo, but so cute to watch all the little kids learning to put their skis on!

kids on skis

Sammy learning to balance while going down a hill

sam down hill

Joey progressed quickly and advanced to the "bigger" hill.

joey down hill

By the end of the lesson, Joey was using the tow rope to get up the hill and his teacher told us if he had had a few more minutes with Joey, he would have advanced him to the big hill and the chair lift. He might have advanced him, but we were just fine with the tow rope!

joey tow rope

At the end of 3 hours outside in the cold, both boys were unequivocally hooked on skiing and have since begged to return. We hope to get them there

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Laura said...

and I want to get them (actually all of you) on cross country skis next year!