Friday, September 12, 2008

We're Back!

I noticed that my last post was the day before my foot surgery. After that, I was too uncomfortable to sit at the computer for long periods of time to update the blog. Just when I was getting comfortable, we moved. Then, we decided to avoid all of the unpacking and get away for a short vacation. Upon our return, we found out that ATT had messed up our internet order and our service was just returned to us a week ago. I'm finally back and hope to update the blog with end of summer, vacation, back-to-school, etc. photos.

I will add them with appropriate dates, so if friends or family are checking for new photos, you may find some below this entry.

1 comment:

Aunt Denise said...

Oh good, you're back!

Can't wait to see some photos of the new house when you have "time" to get them up here.

Hope you're feeling well!