Sunday, August 17, 2008

A much needed vacation!

After Mommy's surgery and the big move, we headed off for a much needed vacation. Every year, at the end of summer, we spend a week at the beach in Door County Wisconsin. We were very lucky to have Mommy's friend Laura join us this year to help since Mommy couldn't drag her casted leg down to the beach!

We just had to make our annual pilgrimage to The Farm--a children's petting zoo. It's pretty much the same every year. Joey stalks tween girls in hopes of snatching a kitty that escapes from the girls' smothering arms. Someone inevitably hands a baby chick to Sammy (must be the big blue eyes) which he PROMPTLY strangles with his chubby little hands. This year, Lily and Laura made their first visits to The Farm.

At first, Lily was intrigued by the baby goats.

She was thrilled when she discovered you could feed them!

But she was quickly turned off by the goats' aggressive feeding habits and needed a bit of help from Daddy.

Bye bye Door County! See you next year!


Christy said...

What a fun visit!!! Love the goat pictures. That is so funny becuase Mia had the same reaction to the goats. She was fine until they started eating her clothes and she freaked out at that point. It was totally funny!! Love your blog. If you dont mind, I will add you to my blogroll. Is that cool with you??

Christy :)

Lori said...

What a fun time, farm animals are the best! I love the picture of them being pulled in the wagon!!

Chris and Deb said...

Oh what fun....we love Door of our favorite destinations!