Sunday, July 27, 2008

It was a real nail biter!

The American League Championship game on Sunday was a real nail biter! Actually, Joey picked the book "Casey at the Bat" for his bed time story last night and we noticed that the story of Casey and the story of the Rangers was very similar.

It was the final inning. 9 to 8 in favor of the other team. They were home, so they had last bats. Our first player steps up to the plate and pops one up in the infield...caught. Second player gets up to bat and pops it up as well...caught. TWO OUTS. The kids start chanting..."two out rally, two out rally!"

One of our best hitters steps up to the plate...hits it way into the outfield. He gets on base. Next player gets a single, as well as the next. The bases are loaded and our BEST hitter steps up to the plate. The day before he had hit TWO home runs. We're thinking...he'll at least get the kids on 2nd and 3rd home which would score the tying run. He hits it right to the pitcher who throws it right to the first baseman for an easy out.

I was standing next to first base and I could see the tears in our batter's eyes as he ran down the baseline. It broke my heart! He is the guy on the team who LIVES for baseball and in my eyes, would be our MVP! So we lost by one measly little run. But secretly, I was relieved...Joey was up next.

Congratulations Rangers! What a great season!

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