Friday, February 29, 2008

Lily's Winter Fashion Show

This has been one heckuva winter...50 inches of snow (so far) and they say there is more to come. Lily would like to thank her aunties for keeping her in such stylish warmth this winter and show off her beautiful coats. Her outerwear has provided the material for conversation with many strangers this season.

Lily's first coat is a casual, faux fur jacket given to her by her Auntie Beth. Although you can't tell from this photo, the fur swirls and looks like little rose buds. Most common comment from strangers about this coat "Look at the little glam girl."

Lily's second coat is a dressier swing jacket. It has a hand crafted/felted look to it. This coat was given to Lily by her Auntie Jen. Most common remark from stragers: "I love her coat. Where did you get it? Do they make it for adults?"

Thanks Auntie Beth and Jen for such lovely coats!

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Laura said...

Ok, next time I come over, I need to check out that swing coat--I think we need to figure out the pattern to make versions for ourselves!