Friday, September 9, 2011 review


Apparently, after taking a photo a day for a few months, I really loose interest in taking pictures.

So here is a recap of the first half of our summer.

This summer...

we played (and watched) a LOT of baseball

Joey throws

went to camp

sam with bunny 2

had a mini reunion with 4 of the 7 families we traveled to China with

girls with candles

watched (and marched in) a parade

sam and lily parade

climbed some fences

Lily at ballgame

played on the beach

Sam and Lily sand

Lily and Sam beach

a lot...

Sam stomp rocket

spent time with our cousins

Grandkids 1

learned to row a boat

Joey in boat 3

trained for a triathalon

joey run 2

became an official "Lake Monster"

Lake Monster 130


Sam hammock 2

made friends with some farm animals

Lily with sheep

checked out the Chicago skyline from one of the tallest buildings in the world

Chicago Skyline

Family on Ledge

Sears Tower

and that was just July...

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