Monday, May 2, 2011

121/365 One third

I am one third of the way through my 365 project! For the past two weeks, I have thought about dropping it--there is so much going on in the spring. But, I'm going to try to stick it out!

I am taking a class in natural light photography and I have to admit, I have learned much more through the class than I have by taking a photo every day! (Today's photo is not a fine example of my learning!)

My kids are just so over being photographed. No amount of money, chocolate, extra screen time or other bribes seem to work anymore. I am thinking about bribing my friends kids next.

Backlighting assignment take 2: outdoors
Bribe: chocolate
Cooperative subject: not a chance...

Sam backlight

1 comment:

Denise said...

Wow, the face says it all doesn't it? He looks weary and broken, mama : )

Better move on to using your nieces and nephew as subjects ...