Friday, December 31, 2010

Project 365

New camera...check. Upgraded editing software...check.

Now, I've got to learn how to use this stuff (all over again). So, like many photographers, I am going to attempt Project 365:

One photo...Every day...For one year.

I've followed lots of photography bloggers who have tried it, but I haven't seen anyone complete it yet. At the same time, even those who have tried and failed have said they were better photographers for trying. So it's my turn.

I'm going to heed the advice of those who have gone before me--no rules, no themes--just one photo every day--starting tomorrow.


Meaklims said...

Happy new year!

I'm so excited to follow along!!
New camera? Please share!


And Lily Makes Three said...

Happy New Year to you too Jill! I got the Canon D60--and I found out that as an educator, my husband qualifies for a huge discount on Photoshop! I'm all set to ramp up my skills!

Can't wait to see your Christmas photos!

Rob said...

Hey Kiddo - Just revisited all your 2010 pics and what you have captured is fabulous & irreplaceable. As for Project 365, Go for it! Hubby Rob

the meaklims said...

The D60 looks like it is doing a very fine job already!

And yes, good for you getting the photoshop at a great price. I couldn't live without photo editing software! I bought mine on ebay last year at a decent price too.

It sounds like your husband is right behind you, which is great! My husband rolls his eyes when I pull out the camera!! Haha!