Sunday, November 15, 2009

She's An American Girl

Lily with backpack-edit

It's too expensive.

It's too crowded.

It's too hot--way too hot.

I'm sure there are more "toos" to add to that list, but at the end of the day, the American Girl Store makes many little girls happy. Really, REALLY happy. And who would YOU rather serve as a role model for your daughter--plucky Kit Kittredge who helped her family survive the Great Depression, or Barbie? I guess it depends upon your priorities. Personally, I prefer Kit, or Maya or Samantha.

Lily and I visited the American Girl Store together on Saturday for the first time. We tagged along with Lily's cousins Jenna and Kara as they were going to choose the dolls they would receive for Christmas.

jenna and doll-edit

I had hope that by tagging along with her older cousins, that Lily would take a bit more interest in her own doll. We received a Bitty Baby/American Girl doll from relatives shortly after we submitted our paperwork to adopt from China. We know now that at the time we received the doll, Lily wasn't even born!

In the car on the way home, Lily said "I had fun mama!" It warmed my heart--our first real mother/daughter outing. "What did you like the best," I asked.

"The macaroni and cheese!" she answered excitedly.

Well, maybe she's still a bit too young to appreciate this kind of mother daughter outing! I'm sure she would have prefered the park!

American Girl mosaic

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Denise said...

I would have preferred the park too! But it was great seeing you guys and having this girls outing. We'll have to do more of those ... and hopefully less expensive, crowded and stressful ones : )

Jenna and Kara are already planning their birthday tea party there in the spring ... get ready!