Friday, October 23, 2009

What will Sam say next?

I can never be quite sure what this little guy is going to come up with! Today, he asked me to read him the story of Snow White. As we all know, in the story, the queen turns herself into an old "hag" to fool Snow white into eating a poisoned apple. Of course, Sam asked what a hag is and I told him: "a hag is an old, ugly woman."

Fast forward several hours to the family outing to Target. As we were checking out, Sam quitely pulled me aside and asked, "so Mom, is she a hag?" pointing toward the cashier.

Words failed me as I shuffled him out of line--the cashier looked EXACTLY like the hag illustration in the disney book we were reading!


Laura said...

Oh, man, you are soooo lucky he said this quietly to you! And if he ever asks if I am a hag, please don't tell me...

DiJo said...

Hi Mary!
I got Ruby's black crocheted hat at Target in the Kids dept!!


Denise said...

hey, at least he "quietly pulled you aside" ... Kara likes to just shout that stuff out loud and clear in front of people, just to mortify me!

p.s. on the upside, Sam must have excellent comprehension and vocabulary skills : )