Thursday, September 3, 2009

More vacation fun...

We had GREAT weather for biking during our vacation--cool and just a bit breezy. We managed to get out for three different trips.

The first trip we took was to Toft Point--a nature/historic reserve close to where we stay. We always go to Toft Point and let the kids throw rocks in the water and climb around on the rocky shore.

Toft Point used to be inhabited by Emma Toft, a great naturalist, but today it is unoccupied and maintained by a university. The kids peek inside the cottages and shout "Mom, they left some books in there!" or "Mom, there's a chair in there," as if, for real, an alien spaceship came along and people ran from the place leaving their belongings behind!

We were quite pleased that Joey could help Lily with the mile + walk back to the cottages this year. You can tell from his face that he was pretty pleased with himself as well!

Many years ago, I used to walk with my Dad in the woods at Toft Point. I used to daydream about living in this little one room cottage that overlooks a bay in Bailey's Harbor:

While that dream never came true, I hope that this annual visit to Toft Point instills a few dreams in my own children!

Tomorrow...the island bike ride!

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