Sunday, June 7, 2009

Two Years Ago Today...

We saw this little face for the very first time!

I remember looking at these photos over and over and over again!

During the past two months, I can not count the number of people who have commented on how Lily has really blossomed. She is talking more and more...she LOVES to meet new people--especially children. One year ago, this was not yet the case! Amazing how much can change in just one year!

Just look how she's grown!


Rachel said...

Happy referral anniversary! Lily is adorable. My Lily has been goign through the same social blossoming lately - isn't it fun, and so different than your boys?

I loved your comment the other week about your boys thinking my pictures were them! Too funny!

Carmen V. Rodriguez said...

Blessings, all children, but what a blessing you have been for Lily, and she for your family. Further proof that love is the greatest thing ever, and then cheese fries.