Monday, February 2, 2009

Year of the OX

We enjoyed having family over to celebrate the Year of the Ox! We had traditional food (as well as some not so traditional), played Chinese checkers, colored dragon masks and learned a little about the traditions of the Chinese New Year.

The girls were all pretty excited to wear their Chinese dresses. Unfortunately, since I can't seem to get the hang of my new camera, the best shot of the three of them doesn't really capture their dresses!

And Jack didn't want to be left out of the picture!

Cousin Kara colored a beautiful dragon mask

We had a lot of fun and thank you all for joining us on Chinese New Year!


Rachel said...

Looks like a fun CNY. I love the dragon masks and the girls look so cute in their dresses!

Christy said...

Great pics!!It looks like you guys had a nice celebration!! I love Lily in her traditional chinese garb. She looks just adorable and the little cut out dragon is cute as well. Glad you had a good celebration.


Jen said...

That was so much fun. We all were talking about what a great job you did and how much we enjoyed it. I hope you make it an annual tradition. I so enjoyed spending time with the family and talking to Mike and David. Thank you SO MUCH for inviting us!

Denise said...

Great pictures, Mar ... and a great party! Thanks for having us!