Tuesday, November 4, 2008


This was our first Halloween in a new house and a new neighborhood. Since Halloween in our old neighborhood was THE event of the year (600+ kids--you would actually get "stuck" in the whirlpool on the sidewalk), this year felt much more subdued. The kids were happy to trick or treat for a little while and then return home to eat chili and watch the movie Goonies.

Sammy started the day with a Halloween parade and party at preschool. (Lily joined in too!)

I think the following picture of Sam singing a Halloween song captures his 4 year old Halloween excitement.

Lily enjoyed Sammy's party and the accompanying sweets.

Ten minutes after slathering Joey with clown makeup, he complained that it was itchy and it bothered him. Perhaps this is the reason they didn't last too long trick-or-treating. He wanted to come home and wash his face.

I think the whole ensemble works though, doesn't it?

Lily looks like she's seen a ghost!

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