Friday, May 16, 2008

"I got dressed all by myself!"

After I finished holding my laughter in, I wondered "do I let Sam leave the house with the St. Patty's Day knee socks on, or do I figure out a way to get him to take them off?" I figured that it gave me such a good chuckle, it might put a smile on someone else's face too, so I just let it go. Plus, he was so darn PROUD of himself and his choice of clothes that day. It felt quite liberating to not really care what anyone else thought about the way my son was dressed! And if it makes any sense at all, I felt proud that he felt proud!

The icing on the proverbial cake? When I picked up Joey from school a few hours later, he proudly marched out of school with a paper chef's hat (about a foot tall) with rat ears taped to the side. His class had watched Ratatouille, made chef's hats and ate a special snack that day as a reward for good behavior. Again, the pride in his face and his swagger was undeniable and I had to figure out a way to squash my laughter. Who knows how much longer this innoncence will last?!

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